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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making Overpowered Cards Balanced

Twice a year, Konami sees fit to Limit, Semi-Limit, or outright Ban cards because of their inability to fully grasp card interactions with cards they create set to set.  The best way to explain this is Rescue Cat.  The card in of itself was bad Design, as Inherent +1s are not good for the game.  However, the card had always been balanced by the fact that cards you could grab with it were absolute GAAHBIJ!  That all changed with the release of  X Saber Airbellum and later on XX Saber Darksoul.  It's almost like they make cards just so they can ban cards...  I could understand this line of logic if they used it to apply to cards that were overpowered to begin with ie Heavy Storm and replaced it with a suitable, costed, BALANCED replacement.  Lightning Vortex is quite honestly the only real example I can think of where a GOOD, balanced card was created to replace an broken card, Raigeki.  How hard is it to create a card that says, "Autumn Breeze, Normal Spell - Activate only if you control at least ONE OTHER spell or trap card. Pay 1000 LP: Destroy spell and/or trap cards on your opponent's side of the field equal to the number of spell and/or traps you control."  I would like to have it worded so that it doesn't target and it fizzles out if you don't control an equal amount of spells or traps when it resolves.

Player A:  Sets 3 cards, plays "Autumn Breeze"
Player B:  Has 3 set cards cards, Solemn Warning, Book of Moon, and Royal Oppression .  To the activation of "Autumn Breeze" he chains book of moon turning his Spirit Reaper face down, thereby neutralizing the effect of "Autumn Breeze" because when it resolves Player B only has 2 set cards remaining which does not equal the amount Player A controls.

I think this is a fairly balanced and playable card that could be created and will hamper decks that spam backrows, while at the same time, not destroy them because they can still easily run chainable cards to neutralize the effect. Let me know what you think.  What are some examples of cards that could be created to replace overpowered cards in the card pool?


  1. I'm not sure how well that will turn out... I mean, even before Dark Hole got unbanned, realistically how many people played Lightning Vortex?
    Autumn Breeze seems somewhat unreliable, i'd prefer guaranteed destruction, even if its through one-for-one tradeoffs, rather than a chance at destroying more. Furthermore it's a -1 if it resolves, since Autumn Breeze itself doesn't count towards the # of set cards, so you give up AB + your 3 backrows to nuke his 3 backrows.

  2. yah and if they chain mst you cry
    i don't think i would play this

  3. r- rightous justice style remake of heave would be more balanced depending on the monster you control you can destroy that many s/t period

    monster helper
    pay 800 lp to special summon 1 monster from your grave, during the end phase destroy it.

    more balanced reborn in my opinion thought?

  4. Monster helper sounds nice, but it ca´n be used just like the original, in most combos, since the monster summoned usually leaves the field for a synchro summon or is overlayed for Xyz summon or just going for game.

    Autumn Wind is nice, but I disagree on the rulings., since chaining BoM, or another card THAT DOESNT DESTROY A BACKROW, autumn wind still destroys all of the cards it was meant to destroy, since cards dont leave the field in the middle of a chain unless destroyed/sent to graveyard by an effect.

    What about Ring of Elimination, Normal Trap.
    Select one face-up monster on the field,Pay life points, equal to its attack point to destroy the monster.

    Balanced version of Ring of Destruction. (Destruction ring is just sub-par, who uses it?)

  5. To be frank, I'd much rather just like it being this way:

    Automn Breeze: Activate only while you control atleast one trap card and one other spell card on the field (If face down, show to your opponent to confirm). Pay 1000 life points, destroy all spell and trap cards on the field.

    Would be balanced enough I think.


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