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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deck Concept I'm Considering

I really hate this time of the year in Yugioh.  Early to mid August/February is sort of the lull in competitive yugioh.  Twice a year, Konami sees fit to drop the banhammer or ease a previous banhammer on cards in the card pool.  I have absolutely no motivation to test, play, or even spend money on anything Yugioh related.

With all of that said, I still think about the game and I still love the game.  My mind is always buzzing with concepts and deck ideas.  The new XYZ mechanic has my mind churning just as fast as the Synchro mechanic did when it was announced.  I think Konami done gon' fucked up when they created such an easily abusable mechanic.  Here are a few concepts I'm considering in picture form.



I think Quickdraw Synchron is ready for a comeback.  A deck like this can be extremely deadly when you consider all the cards that have synergy with the plant engine and how seamlessly Quickdraw fits into the deck.  When I thought about the possibilities, the following series of plays came to mind:

Discard Quilbolt Hedgehog, SS Quickdraw.  Quilbolt effect. Synchro into Junk Berserker.  Summon Tour Guide -> Sangan, XYZ Levair. Detach Sangan -> SS Quilbolt, search second Quilbolt.  One for One ditch Quilbolt for Bulb.

Field so far:  Bulb (100), Levair (1800), Junk Berserker (2700), and Quilbolt (800)

Quilbolt effect, exceed summon Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.  Foolish Zephyros, Zephyros effect return Bulb to hand.

Field is now: Zephyros (1600), Levair (1800), Berserker (2700), and Gachi Gachi Gentetsu (500)

Now factor in Gachi Gachi's atk gain effect: 2000, 2200, 3100, and 900 = 8200.  5 cards expended, Quickdraw, Tour Guide, Foolish Burial, Quilbolt, and One for One.  An unlikely combo, but I think variations of this combo are quite possible simply because of the searchability of the monsters in the deck.  Variations of the combos can involve ditching Level Eater to SS Quickdraw then tribute Summoning Salvage warrior.  Using Level Eater's effect you can either Synchro into a Junk Destroyer or XYZ summon a Rank 4 monster or simply XYZ summon a Rank 5 monster without using Level Eater.

My mind is blowing up right now.  The possibilities are endless...but all of this is moot because of the waiting game we're all playing with Konami.


  1. I love having "eureka" moments like that myself. Nice to see you truly inspired by the possibilities, dubkdad

  2. How do you get the first Quillbolt back onto the field if it gets removed from play upon Synchro Summoning Junk Berserker?

  3. Awesome stuff Dbuk, I was thinking the same thing myself. Salvage warrior is one of the most under-rated cards of its set, i have to say. I'm still suprised no one thought of salvage in monarchs. Tribute treeborn, special fishborg and synch for Gungnir. Sure, Ditching two to blow two kinda sucks, But it can make for a fantastic End-Game move.

  4. I had a brain blast the other day when i realized crystal beast saphire pegasus was a beast type...horn for anyone? quick engine that can utilize Xyz monsters. lets do this.


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