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Friday, August 19, 2011

Konami Keeps on Trollin

Whatever your opinion you have about Konami, you cannot doubt that they know how to market product unlike any other gaming company in the world.  They really aren't as concerned about Organized Play as they are concerned about their true cash cow...

  The tens of thousands of kids who watch the show on TV and want to emulate the busted and impossibly intricate combos they see.  Let's face it, these are the people who drive the sales of product for the company.  An 8yr old random kid and his 2 friends at a Walmart in Podunk, Wisconsin begging their parents to buy stacks of blisters in hopes of pulling whatever Big Ass Dude just seen in the most recent episode of Yugioh is far higher occurence than any of competitive players buying boxes or cases at a time.  Look at it this way:

1 Blister = $3.99 (US Walmarts, KMarts, Targets, etc)
1 Box = $70 - $90+
1 Case = $650+

  You see we as players do the math and save money by buying in bulk.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard you think you are "Yugioh Ballin", your measely purchases don't hold a flame to the THOUSANDS of single blisters sold in a week at local retail outlets.  As a corporation, who do you please?  The guy that feeds you daily or the guy that occasionally throws you a bone? 
  Of course Konami wants O.P. to be stable and that is why they institute banlist and rulings and have a Judges program and allows members of its staff to be available for harassment.  We as competitive players are going to have to get wiser about how we complain about formats.  When we have the ear of people that matter, we have to address those individuals as though we respect their position in order to be taken seriously and not sound like whining babies.
  At the end of the of the day Konami knows that a majority of the people talking out the side of their neck will still play regardless of how hard the game may "suck".  My only advice to you is to Adapt and Overcome...because you are too addicted to quit this game!


  1. go dukkdad1 i so agree

  2. That last sentence is extremely true. I'm just getting to the point in my game where I'm just adapting to the times and so is my team. At this point in the meta PERIOD, people need to just adapt or quit; 'nuff said.


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