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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dueling Network

As much as I love yugioh, I really HATE Dueling Network at times.  How many retarded people are their in this world?  Sometimes I just wanna rage quit life when I'm playing some REALLY (B)ad (K)id and they try to oppress during the Damage Step and claim that they are a "level 3" judge and therefore they should know if it works or not. 
UMMMMM, as far as I know, KDE does not rank their judges in the same fashion that UDE did.  To my knowledge, they don't have "levels."
One thing I am glad about is that they have planned to phase out the A.S.S. button as it was a source of constant annoyance when you were handing some scrubs ass to them and they proceed to rage A.S.S. in frustration.  It's not my fault you are playing a deck with no strategy or clear win condition.  It's not my fault that you straight up netdecked a deck without even trying to figure out what all the cards do in the deck.

Another thing that I am grateful for is that there a several noteworthy players on the Network.  I had the distinct pleasure of getting REK'T by Oliver Tomajiko (*sp), Dragon Duelist extraordinare.  He was using a Koa'ki Meiru build based on my design.  What first impressed me was the fact that he actually watched my videos and knew who I was.  I understand that I have broken the 16k subscriber mark, but I am always taken aback when I run into someone who knows I am.  The next thing that struck me was how well he played and how awesomely he destroyed my COOKIEZ.  He OTK'd my shit with KKM Guardian, KKM Boulder, KKM Maximus, and KKM Urknight. 

I'm the kind of player that almost always plays in the Rated section even when playtesting weird ideas, because I want to know if the idea is worthy of further investment by testing vs people who really care if they win or not.  Right now I'm currently testing KKM, X Saber/Plant variant, Skill Drain variants, and a burn deck. 

Back to the topic of people who care about their ratings.  Do any of you know how to compute your win/loss percentage?  It's easy for those who are Mathmatically Deficient.  Lets say you have 20 wins and 15 loss.  Add the wins and the losses together and that gives you the total games you have played in Rated. Next divide your wins (20) by your total games played (35).  The result is 0.5714 or a 57% win rate.  Hope you guys liked this article.  Leave your comments below.  Be sure if you catch me on DN to say hi, and to remember my username is DUBKDADONE.


  1. I Totally agree with you. I remember using Horn of the Phantom beast on a monster. after ending my turn they said that the card goes. It becomes an effin equip card! -sigh- retards...

  2. i know what u mean, some people dont even know the friggin proper rulings

  3. A guy called a moderator on my empty jar deck saying I could not chain book of eclipse to morphing jars effect as well as swearing and kussing at me constantly.... Needless to say the moderator saw how stupid he was pretty fast and told him to simmer down.

  4. @ Anonymous Empty Jar <3. Btw Dubkdad1, what type of burn deck? I've been using Chain Burn for awhile now so if you need any tips\advice on it I would be glad to help.

  5. I know how you feel. One time this kid played urgent tuning and sent monsters from his Main Deck to the yard to ss red dragon archfiend. I told him that he had to syncro from the field and he said, "The card doesn't say that." I told him it's common sense to do it from the field but he wouldn't listen. I let it go and he got greedy and used spore and glow-up bulb's effect( he milled them) to ss red nova dragon. I put a solemn warning on that red nova! It went downhill for him from there.


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