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Friday, August 5, 2011


First, let me just correct some of you idiots right now.  The mechanic is called XYZ, pronounced "Ik-Seez". No Konami did NOT change the name of the mechanic. There should be no LOGICAL reason to say asinine things like, "I prefer to say Exceeds!" 
When anime was first "Fanslated" into english, the translator made up the term Exceeds in an attempt to capture meaning behind what was being said in Japanese.  The translator was/is not affiliated in any kind of way with Konami, therefore his/her terminology should be as relevant to the game as Donkey Kong is to Marvel VS Capcom.

Next thing I wanna discuss is:

WTF!!! Konami, why did you make this card even more busted than it was???  So as most of you know, Sangan will get his effect when detached when he is a XYZ Material.  You had better stock up on Tour Guides or get raped in the upcoming Months!

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