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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meta Shift?

It seems like once again the game is shifting from wombo combos to more skill based and control oriented decks.  In my honest opinion the skill level required to pilot the top decks in the format successfully has been taken to a new level.  Obviously they all have their herp-derp plays, but when those plays aren’t available you have to be able to make something happen out of nowhere.  That is where skill comes in.

Our Team and many other people call it “Grinding It Out” when you are forced to make one for one trades with a deck that is supposed to combo off, but cannot because you either: don’t have the combo pieces or the gamestate is such that you could be severly punished if you overextend and don’t have game.  I think this is why Hero Beat and Dark World are so resilent right now, much how Gladiator Beasts once was.  These two decks can easily simplify the gamestate and force one for one trades or turn on the pressure with huge momentum shifting power plays out of nowhere.  The only decks to my knowledge capable of consistently doing that in the past was Tele-DAD, Synchro-Cat, and Tengu Plants. Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting these decks on par with Tele-DAD, Synchro-Cat and Tengu Plants, I’m just simply saying the ability to play in and out of any gamestate is similar to how those old decks could play.

So tell me, what do you think?  Do you think that the Meta is shifting towards more control?  Or do you think it’s just a matter of time until another highly overpowered autopilot deck hits the scene and is so powerful that you are forced to play mirror matches in order to compete.  On the horizon, there are Lavalvals, Hierarchs, new Inzektor cards, and release of OCG exclusive XYZs like Lavalval Chain, Daigusto Emeral, and Gustov Big Ole Cannon Guy.  Do you think they will shift the Meta once again?  Comment down below and share your thoughts.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Gustav is too big to mess with the meta, lavals i can say from experience wont do much, until we get the 2x laval specific foolish, and even then their slow as hell to get started. Until someone comes up with a build that can work consistently when you draw rekindling. I haven't done any testing with hierarchs but they seem incredibly consistent, and i dont think the new inzektor's will do much because i think gruf is just a level adjusting hopper and if hoppers not doing enough for the deck, are they really gonna do that much? But no i dont think there will be a gamestate, overallwise where mirror matches will become the rage, because as the number of decks grow, so will the player base, and noone likes playing the same thing as their best friend or teammates :P

  2. Hieratics will change everything until someone consistently keeps them from winning in one turn. Then leeching the light or super poly will wreck their faces, but a definite shift in the meta. I think T.G.s, Dark Worlds, and Heros are gonna hold on because they can play skill drain and doesn't afraid of anything, but more importantly, T.G.s and Heros can side or main summon limit which is a MAJOR game inhibitor for most if not all meta decks.

  3. only thing will be that we are forced to main maxx c again. the xyz sure are overpowered and the only thing i wish is for them to change extra deck space to 20-25 cards.


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