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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You're Doin It Wrong - Card-Car "D"

I just laugh at everyone who thinks that this card is overrated.  These are the same people who said that Tour Guide from the Underworld and Reborn Tengu were overrated.  If I remember correctly, didn’t those cards basically change how the game was played?  Don’t be so elitist in your mentality where you think that if it is played by many and cost more than you “feel” it should cost, then the card is “Over Rated.”

[Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1 of the turnthis card was Normal Summoned: You can Tribute this face-upcard; draw 2 cards, and enter your End Phase. You cannot Special Summon a monster(s) the turn you activate this effect.]

Take a step back and look logically at what good cards do.  Now separate yourself from your defeatist, nihilistic, anarchist attitude and realize that the card is actually REALLY GOOD.  Remember how people once thought that Pot of Duality should not be played in a deck that special summoned often?  Then suddenly people realized that Pot of Duality helped you dig for those big Special Summon plays faster or allowed you to do something when special summoning was a non factor.

Card-Car “D” is very similar in that fashion.  This card is going to allow really, really, slow decks to compete even better in a meta full of explosive decks.   How?  You set your protection cards, play Pot of Duality, summon Card-Card “D”, get your PLUS ONE, then end your turn knowing that your opponent has to grind through your backrow or else be forced to deal with your massive advantage when your turn comes back around.   That is the beauty of this card.  In conjuction with cards like Battle Fader and Swift Attack Scarecrow, you can stall forever waiting for your precious combo pieces and then set up for your lock or OTK.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to play this card, please try to explain to me how this card is bad or overrated in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I wouldn't say it is overrated or bad in any way or fashion. I just don't like to think of cards need to be played, to be top notch. That's what I love about my Hero Beat deck. It has cool Monsters, isn't very expensive and it is consistent. Anyway if I ever get my hands on a playset of those cards I think I would play them, but as I know Konami it is going to be a secret and it will be about 100 € ( more than a 100 dollars idk!) and that isn't worth the fun to me!
    Conclusion: It is a really good card, and the points you mentioned are right.

  2. IF this doesnt break my frogs with 3x fader, 2x trag, and 1 gorz then idk what will :(

  3. @Liquid Fail: Prio on Card-Car D's eff, draw 2, end phase ditch a Treeborn, much?

    @Dubkdad1: I think that while it is a good card, it's not good for the game. It's another Tour Guide, another Pot of Duality, another card with a huge-ass price tag that, while it may or may not be worth it if you're going to a big event, creates a massive "class gap" in the metagame where a lot of the people who top YCS events are practically rich in the first place, they win stuff, sell the stuff, and then buy more of the good cards. "Good" players nowadays are usually people who invest the most money into the game, and while investing is a necessary part of being good, it shouldn't be as necessary as it is/will be when this card is released in the TCG as, most likely, a Secret Rare.

    That being said, congratulations to Michael Balan who topped YCS Long Beach with only 2 Tour Guides as his "big money" cards (though most of his cards were, I believe, highest rarity).

  4. I don't mind the card, I actually like the card, and your points were well put for it. But $130 or more? Really? I mean come on... The price tag is ridiculous! I like the card, and I love the game, but the moment I would unpack one of these, it would be an instant sell. I could use the money more than the piece of paper. And the fact that some people actually PAY that much for a card, I think it's a little sad. Although it's just my opinion..

    Overall, good card, but not worth the money.

  5. It's good in certain decks. Chain Burn, Exodia, Final Countdown, Magical Explosion, and Frog Monarchs it's an instant x3 nothing else really needs it except the lv 6 combo version of Hieratics which is unreliable b/c we don't have Gustaph Max.(BTW the control version of Hieratics is better) Remember, in the OCG they don't have Tour Guide so slower decks are basically forced to play CardCar D to keep up and make consistent hands thus faster decks play it to keep slower decks from stopping their combos. Remember, a lot of cards that are AWESOME in the OCG are average over here just because we have better cards. CardCar is one of those cards.

    P.S. Don't believe me when I say the TCG has better cards? Play on DN with an OCG Wind-Up deck you'll replace those Gilasaurus with Tour Guides real quick. Wind-Ups will be amazing when we get Daigusto Emerald BTW.

    Conclusion CardCar D in TCG: overrated no Average: yes


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