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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Side Board tech to consider - Absolute Crusader

Most people threw this card to the side because it seemed to be just a watered down thunder king rai-oh with 100 less attack.  I on the other hand picked up a playset of 1st editions because the effect was just too good to ignore :

So let’s consider this cards applications in the current meta.  In the Hero Beat match up, this card will automatically kill any monster brought out by Miracle Fusion.  Yes, it could get Gemini Spark’d before they make the play, but protected by Forbidden Lance it would be a hot scenario.  In the Dark World match up you once again force them to either waste a normal summon and attempt to summon Grapha from the grave or you force them to deal with preemptively with Dark Hole/Grapha’s effect.  Either scenario is good because they waste a power play on your monster and leave your backrow unmolested.

Again, this is only side board tech, against XYZ heavy decks IE Dino-Rabbit or Field Blasting decks IE Inzektors, this card would not be very useful.  But I just think that this is one more card in our massive card pool that could see play if someone were to be brave enough and try it out.  Obviously this card can be countered just like any other card, but what are your thoughts about it’s merit?  Comment below and thanks


  1. I actually think he and TKR are interchangeable, because TKR prevents adding cards from your deck to hand, while this guy doesn't, and that can change a lot of things. Of course, he IS weaker than TKR, but if your deck calls for Crusader, go for it.

  2. Mmm i should get a few copies of this to side for my good friend who plays quickdraw junk doppel synchro. Maybe swap it for some less effective stuff in my gadget stun or t'kings in my main deck.

  3. This card is only gonne get better after Hieratics come out.


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