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Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 Things I Hate About Yugioh, part 1 (RANT!!!)

So like the title says there are 3 things that drive me absolutely INSANE when it comes to this game. This list is not in any particular order and it's not a complete list, but it is the 3 things that stand out most in my mind.

I cannot stand SMELLY ASS PEOPLE who play this game. It's like WTF? Does playing with cardboard trump soap? I guess in their mind, fiddling with shiny cardboard will prevent the body from producing odor or at least mitigate the need for Bathing. One day at locals onion man(cuz the odor makes your EYES WATER) comes in with a new binder full of goodies. I was OMFG, I must has his 1st ed Ancient Fairy Dragon (Ghost Rare)...but I don't wanna vomit in the process. So you know what I did, I took a DEEP breath and muttered, "Hey, I'm gonna leave my binder right here and if you see anything you want for your AFD ghost rare, let me know and I'll come back over...*pant-pant-pant*" Sure enough, he comes back to where I'm sitting and SITS DOWN NEXT ME AND I NEARLY FAINT...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I absolutely hate people who have NEVER competed in a tounament in their life, but brag about how amazing they are because they beat all of their friend. It's called, "Your only as good as your competition!" I'm pretty sure all of you have witnessed a group of starry eyed kids walk into locals for the first time. They may or may not have sleeves on their decks. They have a rubber band around their deck instead of keeping it in a deckbox...or my favorite, they keep the deck in their pocket. I like to challenge kids like this to duels with my crazy deck ideas. You pick out the "Leader" which is evident because the sleeves in his deck all match. As you sit down, one of his friends will warn that he is really good because he always gets Buster Blader out...WTF??? Anyway during the game, the kid opens Graceful, premature, and Chaos Emperor Dragon. Dumps CED with graceful, plays premature and attempts to blow tha field...WTF??? Yeah, pretty bad. And keep in mind that they all have paid their entry fee for the tourney. The only saving grace for these BK's is that they usually have Hidden Gems in their collection. Random tech copy Destiny Draw (1st ed) to go with the tech copy of Malicious. Yeah, I'll trade 1337 Buster Bladers for those 2 cards...thank you sir.

Finally, I cannot stand people who think that you MUST trade with them. So what if I have a large collection of card "X". Am I obligated to trade it to you? Am I supposed to trade it for stuff that I do no want? That doesn't make me greedy, that means that I am a good collector. So many people get mad because they don't have certain cards and then hate on you if you the cards they need. I completely understand if you do not want to spend a fortune getting the cards. But, as I watch them buy pack after pack pulling jank rares, I have to ask myself, "You could've just bought the card from me and saved yourself time, energy, money, and FRUSTRATION!"

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little rant. I have a bunch more in my head that I'll be writing about in the future. So if you like it, leave a comment and be sure to check out my youtube channel and my website. Peace.



  1. totally understand you dude... but how bout posting stuff that will help new kids do better in locals cuz they never done it before... like for me, i won like 1 round and screwed up like shit lol.... i didnt have sleeves either but now i know cuz some people were good enough to teach me that stuff ya know what i mean?

  2. I know what you mean. But I'm talking about the kids who think they are AMAZING at this game, yet have no EXPERIENCE whatsoever. I've been known to GIVE sleeves to kids who are willing to take advice from a more experienced player.


  3. haha xD i used to be a kid with a deck with a rubber-band a long time ago xDxD

  4. i totally agree that was exactly like me the 1st time i went to a tourney lost first round came again kept losing and kept coming back every saturday and then i won a game then so on lol but i always abided to the banlist except for when i played 2 sangans xD

  5. Started Yu-gi-oh again after moving from the middle of no-where (jersey in the channel islands), to New Zealand. I go to the nearest locals and its full of kids. -_-
    New kid, came in a couple weeks back, said he's been collecting the cards for the while.
    "whats a ban list?" nuff said.
    I also just laugh when the kids just bring in a load of change just to by a pack, or their parents just keep forking over money, normally they are just after 1 card... lol.

  6. well i'm the best player at my school, but that is plainly because i do go to tournaments and i have made massive improvements since my first few
    tournaments,coming in places like 34/36 to having a deck not really such a massive contender (chaos) going against tier 1 after tier 1 winning and losing to them in the process i have now got many friends on MSN who duel me with top decks that give me a challenge so i can practice and get better against my decks problem


  7. number 2 is funniest
    but 3 is the truest lol

    keep up the good work man!!

  8. im also not gunna lie i rem when i came in with a 55-60 card deck full of randum and i actually won a few.. lol
    my first real start deck after all the locals laughed at my tower of cards (unsleeved) in a ziplock baggy lol.. i used burn/mill then burn then volcanic then volcanic/monarch and so on... lol

  9. yeah. the stanky people are awful to duel...

    I always pitty the nubs and almost never trade with them. or i at least trade equal in value.

    Its so true about the random cards they have. i had a first ed mali (i had a slight fanboy obsession with duelist packs) when i was a noob, and got asstons of cards for it. i dont remember how many of them were actually good, but i like to think they were...

    i hate people like that with trading. this dude at my first sneak peak would not leave me alone about my first ed holo cyber dragon. I was about to pimp slap this kid. it was awful...
    And another time i was at wendy's after my locals, and this dude wanted an armytile. he was like "i will buy you lunch for your armytile" and i was like, "get the hell away from me creeper."

    sorry about the ranting...

  10. oh god... my friend doesn't have sleeves and keeps his deck in his pocket... he doesn't even use rubber bands!! it hurts me to watch...

  11. Man I know how you mean.Theres this kid named Justin at my school and he's the leader of this like dueling gang and he thinks he the best dueler ever even though his deck is like chock full of random stuff like a gadget hauler with an ivy shackles but he has some great stuff like a fog king 1st ed mint and stuff.

  12. I completely know what you mean, and I'm currently working on an online card game to change all of that. If you're interested in checking it out so far, please see the link below:


    I'm not looking for developers, I'm looking for people who like to play card games and would like to help plan the mechanics and elements of this new card game.


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