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Friday, October 9, 2009

What Yugioh playmat do you use?

I like to use a hobby league mat without zones. I really can't stand the zones because I lay my deck sideways and it is annoying to hear my opponent say you put your deck in the graveyard herp, derp.... Also, I'm really digging the Team DKF!!! Mats, I think you all should go and buy one NAO! :-p

So yeah, like the title says. Comment below.

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  1. at the moment i'm using a blank black playmat (which i may or may not see if you can change into a black DKF mat) i like them just because they are plain and simple (and cheap) i dont have any zones for peoples to moan about and then i just say screw you lightsworn i rape your JD with stardust and chaos sorc turn after

  2. ANPR sneak peek mat, its the only one I have, but I'm happy cause I won it ^^
    Although the zones to get annoying, cause I feel obliged to use the right zones when i some times don't want to.
    Looking forward to the SOVR sneak peek, the mat looks so good! Hopefully I'll be able to win it. =D

  3. Cool! Keep the comments coming. I really like the artwork on the new SOVR mat.


  4. i dont have a matt...like drago0661, i want to win mine. but my locals is retarded and did a raffel for ancient fairy matts. and i keep messin up at locals...but oh well.

  5. i dont use palymats . I never new y people liked thm so much i mean they are nice lookin an all but are completely pointless other than the fact that you can sell them for alot of money


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