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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I need to know which one of my decks I should post next.

- Drosera
- A Wing and A Prayer
- Event Horizon
- XX Sabers

Would you like to see the deck posted here or on YouTube. Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. i would like to see the deck on here AND on Youtube xDxD
    but i would like it on Youtube.

  2. i like your new idea decks like drosera wayyyy better i think you should post on both :D

  3. i thought u were going to post yusei fudo?

  4. i would like to see yusei turbo and A wing and a player on youtube and here.

  5. you should put all of them on youtube

  6. it's not always possible to post a vid everyday. That's why I'd like to know which decks should be posted here and which decks posted on youtube

  7. Hey man I say post a decklist a week on here and then at the end of every month or so post a poll asking what deck you should upload on youtube. Then upload like maybe 1 playtest match and have the decklist tacked on the end on the video. Sounds pretty good to me :)


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