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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brionac at 3? WTF is KOJ thinking?

So yeah, discuss how stupid this idea is. If you don't have a oppression face down and your opponent is running bw or zombies...GFG!



  1. It may be at 3, but its still going to cause damage at 1. What is brionac gonna do thats so bad? they summon it, call priority, you chain threatening/bottomless etc. and their OTK is gone and you've just gained advantage. the only thing I can think of is getting rid of fusions and synchros. the only fusions are GBs they should hopefully have a chariot face down. But the ability to easily get rid of snychros is going to be the problem.
    It isnt going to become the crazy special summoning spree as it was in japan.
    Premature burial is banned and so is card of safe return.
    Although 2300 atk is nothing to laugh at, but it isnt goyo guardian.
    I think people should take advantage that brionac is going to be THE new card played, as well as the other synchros, and get complusory evacuation device mained. Either that or oppression. But with BW already maining oppression... things might get ugly.
    I think colombus is going to be the event that decides if brionac needs the limitation. Only time will tell.

  2. Good players aren't going to walk into BTH with brionac, just like they don't do it with Goyo, DAD, JD, etc. So with it at 3, a player may walk into it just to clear backrows and go for game if they don't read chainables. Zombies and BW are going to go to town with this stuff and it is not going to be fun to watch at all.



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