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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yugioh Decks of the Format

So now we've had yet another SJC pass with LS dominating the scene. As good as zombies are, they just can't deal with an established field/swarm. Zombies have an amazing ability to swarm themselves and can produce easy +1s through mezuki + goblin zombie + caius plays. Also, the ability to spam lvl6 and lvl8 synchros is just nuts. But again, if the zombie player can't put away the opponent, they fall victim to counter attack through field wipes like JD, DAD, Vortex, etc. The deck runs extremely dead cards early game like 3 Burial from a Different Dimension, 2 Caius, and DAD (not many darks in the deck and darks are generally produced through synchros).

I've tried to run zombies and I just get torn apart by blackwings. Most zombie players will tell you that 1st turn set of goblin zombie will lead up to huge combos, but I'm here to say that a 1st turn shura + whirlwind nullifies that and will end up getting you icarus attacked. I kind of like the builds running pyramid turtle, but again vs BW you still get hurt by Shura. VS Lightsworn is kind of annoying as well as there is always the threat of Celestia or Ehren.

For me, the most fun decks are Chaos variants. Sorcerer is extremely easy to summon in the right deck and produces a +1 when it hits the field. But like all of the decks, it runs early game dead cards like Sorc itself and DAD.

Comment below about your favorite decks of the format and what problems you run into in various matchups. Then feel free to head over to my youtube channel and my website.



  1. Well my favourite deck of the format is gladiator beasts, which is still my main deck.
    Out of my match ups I find that i have trouble with the mirror and LS (game 1).
    The mirror goes 50/50 for me I either win the match up or I dont depending on how the game goes, as glads can easily take back conrol of the field with only a few cards, so its normally a battle back and forth(I won 1 and lost 1 at the Aramageddon Expo) hence why I find it 50/50.
    LS usually dominate g1 if they sack into 4+ lightsworns with thier first turn sinanagines and I dont draw a chariot 1st turn. But I usually draw into chariot/d-fissure game 2 and slow roll them games 2 and 3 (like I did with both my match ups at the Aramageddon Expo with 3 d-fissures, your advice worked perfectly dubkdad1, even though the judges fail and ruled that charge works under d-fissure... but luckly i had chariots waiting for that lyla).
    Glads are stuggling to find themselves this format. The usual control based build doesnt work with less BTH and solemn.
    The challenge comes in finding a build that works, trying something new. And thats the fun part. Currently working on Icarus Glads haven't tested it yet, but I think it has promise.
    I enjoy working with decks and finding my style and finding what works rather than netdeck top 16 decks, thats what I find fun about yu-gi-oh.

  2. Well, I haven't built a meta deck because I don't have the neccessary cards,but just today I took the cards that I have from the best metas as of now,and made a deck out of that.I haven't been able to test it out yet

  3. i love to play the creative decks u make i really enjoy them but for competitive i play zombie varients but as you say blackwings but rape you

  4. i run chaos atm and omg kycoo just rapes about every other meta deck out there but i run a junkyard chaos deck which just randomly syncros and blows up ur opponents face


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