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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yugioh Beginnings...when did you start playing?

I started playing YuGiOh back in the winter of 2004, spring 2005 when my oldest son was playing his friend using 80+ card decks. I thought the artwork on the cards were pretty cool and I saw how much fun they were having so I thought I would learn how to play. In a couple of days I had a 100 card dragon deck running 3 of every dragon I could find and every card that had dragon in it: Dragon Piper, Dragon's Treasure, Buster Blader, etc, etc. God it was so bad. I have to admit that it was pretty awesome summoning 3 Red Eyes in one turn thinking I could do like the cartoon!

Needless to say, I'm a much better player and deckbuilder now, but I'd like to know about your beginnings in the game. Comment below and tell me your story.

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  1. Lol, I remember back when I was like 10 living in Jersey in the channel islands back in 2002.
    I watched the show, saw starter decks in a local card store (fan of pokemon cards back then lol) and started playing from there.
    I was so bad,my friends and I all played the rules of the card game on TV ( 2000lp lol ) thats why I though toon monster were so broke. Then I found out about locals and went there with all my good cards in 1 deck (probably about 100 of them lol). From there I actually learned how to play and all the confusing card rulings because is want on TV (I thought You could normal and tibute summon on the same turn at first). From people's help at locals I managed to turn my deck into a good beat down deck with summoned skull and blue-eyes white dragon with some teched fusion powers (black skull dragon ftw) was still like 50 cards or something lol.

    But then that all stopped. Some crazy ruling from the store owner said only legend of blue eyes and starter deck cards could be used, something about other places didnt have the other packs. People stopped coming each week, then I stopped coming because there werent enough people for a local tourney.

    I remember coming back to look at the shop a few months later, it had been replaced by a make up store >.<

    I stopped playing yu-gi-oh when I movied up to secondary school, but kept my cards and randomly playing with poeple in my street.

    No-one at my school actually played it. They gave it a stupid nickname so some random reason "yu-GAY-oh". It was sad when I saw people who used to play it call it that and stopped playing because of peer pressure.

    Eventually I moved house somewhere else in Jersey and gave all my cards to a good kid in my old street.

    I still followed the game, playing the games that came out for PSP and DS, to keep me up to date on the new cards.

    A few years later I came the New Zealand, and Decided to pick it up again when I found out about a locals. Got my GB deck sorted and started playing again about 4 months back.

    Wow that brought back a lot of memories, good times. =D

  2. Nice, yeah, peer pressure is silly sometimes. Its a card game, just like Spades, Gin, etc. People have all kinds of hobbies that take up time and money, what is so wrong with a card game?


  3. well i started playing in 2003 while it was at its peak at school but my uncle played aswell and tought me the rules from there and because i liked it i kept playing, i took a break from yu-gi-oh for about 1 1/2 when the first local i went to since then was during the stein format but now i've got fully back into the game i've managed to build my own personal build of chaos thats amazingly crazy and out paces blackwings zombies other chaos and LS

  4. I remember starting out in 2002 when it first came out. I had come back from a trip to Germany in the summer and my cousin and his cousins were playing a new game. I was curious and saw that they had all these awesome looking cards and I remember pleading them to let me have some of their cards ( I was 8 so I didn't know any better lol ). Eventually, my first cards were Celtic Guardian and Flaming Cerberus.

    I continued playing with a deck I built from powerful tribute monsters and random tech cards like Big Eye and Solemn Wishes. It had potential, but I didn't know how to run it, so I sucked haha. It was around 2005 when the game reached it peak. Eventually, the game started to die down as the years went by, so I started playing less and less since no one wanted to play a silly card game. I still bought packs and structures every now and then, but I was just a collector.

    Then four years later, I was at practice for Track and Field when I see these guys playing cards. It was normal because everyone played with regular cards. But they weren't regular cards, they were Yu-Gi-Oh cards. At first I wasn't too interested and taunted them and such. But I noticed my friend among them then I started getting back into the game. I eventually had a talk with him about Yu-Gi-Oh, like just pure Yu-Gi-Oh talk, then he invited me to visit a locals with him. I had no idea about it so I was like "All right."

    Its been about eight months since my friend invited me to locals. I've been going frequently and I built a warrior deck, which led to X-Sabers. I like it and I also run your Hammer and Nails deck ( The deck rocks! ) and its just fun.

    So yeah, sorry for the narrative lol. But yeah thats what I remember about when I started.


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