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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Challenger Appears!!!

So now everyone wants to run Synchro Cat! OMFG! Just when I spent all of last format perfecting the deck... There are many ways run Zhe Cat:

Standard Cat
- See summer of 2009 decklists...

Chaos Cat
- Sorc, 2 Cyber/Oracle, rykos, etc

Flamvell Cat
- Flamvell Firedog/Magician, rekindling, cat engine

and my favorite

Hamster Cat
- Super-Mega-Awesome Nimble Hamster, rykos, whirlwind weasel (yes, I said it!)

I've noticed that many people have decided to drop Dark Armed Dragon and Sorc in these builds because dark counts are low and they want to keep rekindling and PoA live at all times. Also, with the loss of 1 Allure of Darkness, the need to run darks just isn't there. People are also arguing theor-i-oh about which support/floater engine is best.

Both camps run the Flamvell Engine. Some like GK Spy/Descendent, while others like Hamster. The spy users argue that Hamster is too passive, relying on an attack to get a useful ryko/airbellum. Where as spy doesn't get killed by opposing firedogs and can make for more reliable Arcanite plays. Hamster users argue that even without an attack, a flipped hamster followed by the summon of Flamvell Magician makes for a level 8 synchro backed up by a ryko. You can make up your mind about which is best.

I have decided to mix the two camps. I figure, why be tied down to one engine when you can get the best of both worlds.

1 comment:

  1. i think the flamvell engine is kind of lame. rekindling is an amazing card, but its difficult to pull off. i think you are still better off running sorc and dad, and using maybe a kind of monarch twist with caius, since you play spy.

    but syncro cat isnt my main deck and i am no means an expert..


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