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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yugioh - Themed Duels to be renamed Yusei Format! (updated rules v1.2)

Yusei Format Deck Construction Rules:

1) Decks must be based on an archetype.

  a)  An archetype is a group of monsters that has a subname in the name.  ie Gravekeeper's, Battery Man, Aliens, and Morphtronics.

  b) Lightsworn, Gladiator Beasts and Blackwings are not allowed at this time for the format because of the heavy use in the meta.

2) Decks are to be constructed using the current Advanced Format with the following additions:

  a) Limited and semi-limited cards are not allowed.

  b) Splashable cards such as Waboku, Smashing Ground, Fissure, Sakuretsu Armor are not allowed as they have equivalents in almost all archetypes.

  c) Archetype related spells and traps are allowed for the sake of consistency.  For instance, an Elemental Hero player may run Polymerization because Fusions are an important part of the Archetype.  Also, if your monster lineup is at least 50% the same monster Type, related field/equip spells and traps related to that monster type are allowed.  An example would be Cloudians running Sanctuary in the Sky, Harpies's Ladies running Icarus Attack or Gravekeeper's running Magical Dimension.

Again, the PURPOSE of this type of format is to explore the game using little used Archetypes and card combinations.  As time goes on the Constructions will continue to be refined, but for now there are a plethora of options available.



  1. you really ought to think of arranging your own tourneys with this format.

  2. can someone try a psychic deck? i mean it's based on something, the type.

  3. So I have question about certain series of monsters that would potentially be considered an Arch-type. Would Magician's be considered an Arch-type(or spellcasters that use counters in general) and would Warrior(synchros and monsters used by Yusei) be considered an archtype?

  4. Can you like build a deck around a character?

    also make a Goblin-Archetype deck!

  5. Question lets say I use a deck like Gusto can I use Creature Swap since the based around swaping monsters.


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