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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yugioh - Themed Duels

Getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over again?  Well starting this weeked, I am going to begin presenting duels featuring decks you may not have even considered running because of all of the bustedness running about.  Consider this:  If you remove all of the busted, over powered limited and semi-limited cards from the card pool and are forced to play in the same fashion they play on the Anime, this game would be so fun too play.  I'd be really interested to see how you all feel about dueling using this idea.

Themed Duel Deck Construction Rules:

1) Decks must have a theme or be based on an archetype.

  a) competitive themes are not allowed: LS, BW, GB, or Monarchs.

  b) examples of themes are Aliens, Plants, or Dinosaurs.

  c) Decks designed to summon Nomis are allowed but the "Nomi" monster must be ran in threes.

2) Decks are to be constructed using the current Advanced Format with the following additions:

  a) Limited and semi-limited cards are not allowed.

  b) Cards that have a comparative effect for your chosen theme must be used over the "generic
      card. Example: Sakuretsu Armor/Dimensional Prison = Geminis have Justi-Break and Frogs
      have Froggy Forcefield.

More details to come as the duels develop.


  1. lol, I'm so looking forward to this.
    Although a fully themed GB deck would be fun to see. ^^

  2. i already did that with my friend, it's perfect, it was a year ago but u feel the power of the decks without the "savior" limited and semi-limited cards. pure powa

  3. How about Fiends? Anyone thought about running them? Ive been trying to build a good fiend deck since i got back in the game in 2006, so it would be nice to see what you guys could come up with which in turn presents a new challenge to the team and gives me ideas at the same time.


  4. hey, i havea question, if the limited card is theme-based, for example mind master for the psychics, can someone use it?

  5. This is gonna be so awesome to watch. I think konami should do this like they do with the pegasus league. Thanks for keeping the game intresting

  6. @anon. No mind master would not be acceptable. Because then you would have to allow Emergency Teleport, if you ran Fairies, you would have to allow Honest, etc. It would start a slippery slope and we would be hard to justify what could and couldn't be used in the future.

  7. where do you send your decklist to?

    I found a pretty interesting archtype to build and having things like mirror force and such out of the way would only help this deck due to lack of room to run it myself anyway :P

  8. Why don't you just write up a banlist for Themed Format so some Archetypes can get some banned/limited support? :)

  9. @DFireZX That's a good idea. I would need help putting something like that together tho'. The card pool is enormous o_O

  10. as to generic cards: why not just set a number of cards within the theme u must use. it limits the number of themes you may use, but gets around people abusing too many generic cards. lets say.... 28 to 30 (70-75% of a typical 40 card deck) must fit the theme. it also prevents the issue with things like aliens, who have too much support and allows other archetypes to keep up

  11. as for limiting stuff, you should also look at limiting some them based cards. as you said in your video aliens have lots of very good themed cards. if a theme card is based of a card on the banlist, like aliens crush card or heroes e call, they should be banned/limited to compare with the cards they are based on, like banning the alien ccv or limiting the e-heroes rota.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Themed League

    1) Your Deck must have 40-60 cards.
    2) Your Extra Deck can have up to 15 cards.
    3) Decks must be based on a Deck based on an Archetype (Infernity, Blackwings)
    4) Deck must follows the Mega-Banned List, with all cards on the current Limited and Semi-Limited cards Banned along with the Forbidden cards.
    5) You cannot play cards that are too universal, like Brain Control. Archetype-based clones should be used instead. (Infernity Barrier instead of Solemn Judgment)
    6) You cannot have a side deck. Do YOU see anyone siding in and out in the show? :O Nooooooo!
    7) If a card is wanted to be used in a deck, but is not Archetype-based, but Name-wise same, you are allowed. (Swallow's Nest in a Blackwing deck.)

  15. @Dfire: your rules would need qualification on what is too universal. Also, it still allows things like blackwings, LS, GB's etc which this format was designed to prevent.

  16. They are powerful because of most of their Generic supports.

    The top tier Archetype decks loses a lot of their cards that gives it it's power. LS loses Kristya, Plaguespreader, Honest, etc. Blackwing loses Oppression, DAD. Gladiator loses Tradgoedia, Waboku, BoM, such.

    They can still be competitive, but not as a 1st turn I win kind of thing.

  17. how does gladiator lose waboku? again, my comment stands that we would need to define what is "too general". also, this stops decks that need universal cards from using them, ie sacred pheonix decks.

  18. Waboku cannot be used. It's not archetype/type based.

    I guess they can just put the decklsit and see if it's ok or not...


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