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Friday, March 12, 2010

Yugioh - Expected Meta for 3/1/2010

The evolution of Blackwings! With the loss of 1 Blackwing Whirlwind and Allure of Darness, many people are saying that the archetype is unplayable. I would argue that the deck is not dead, just in a temporary COMA until the The Shining Darkness! I think that with the aid of Treasure and the new monsters, the deck will regain its poplularity, power, and speed. For now, when playing the deck (if you are brave enough to continue using it) you'll have to play the conservative game. Use your Whirlwind searches wisely, save that icarus attack for when you need it, just incase you don't draw another monster, etc. A few things the deck has going for it are:

- It is still has the best matchup vs Gladiator Beasts.
- It can play around royal oppression better than most decks.
- Icarus attack is still the best "themed" removal card in the game.
- Lightsworn only has 2 honest!
- Can side into Skill Drain and Dimensional Fissure

All of this may be a no brainer, but my point is DON'T GET RID OF YOUR BLACKWING STUFF JUST YET!!! Make sure that you at least keep the annoying cards to find like Blizzard, Vayu, and any foil upgrades like Whirlwind and Icarus Attack. Trust me, you'll thank me in a few months!

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