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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kuriboh Khaos Kontrol Update : Part 1

Hey guys, I need help with my Kuriboh deck.  As it stands, I believe the deck is pretty solid but there is a lot of times when my opponent will drop a well timed Thunder King Rai-Oh and I'm struggling to find answers.  Another problem I've been having is people figuring out my decks weakness:
passive play!  Once my opponent figures out that I need them to be aggressive or commit to the field for my deck to function properly, I lose!  I have been looking for ways to add aggression to my deck without disrupting the stability of the deck.  I have dropped the single copy of Genex Birdman.  As much as I love the "Gain Train" Birdman really provides no advantage to the deck.  So I have dropped it in favor of a second Junk Synchron.

It's going to require testing, but I think I may drop the 2nd Junk Synchron.  On paper it seems awesome, but I don't think it solves my problem.

If you missed the decklist video you can find it HERE!  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  I really want to make this deck competitive and I will keep everyone updated on the progress.


  1. I like main decked Cyber Dragons for Thunder Kings

  2. yes, what anon said. Maining cyber dragons is an excellent tech choice for the meta, as they are good outs to tking and zenmaines, among other things.

  3. I tried your deck, with some variations. I've put in some creature swaps and enemy controllers in and it worked pretty good.


  4. have you thought of chaos hunters?


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