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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photon Saber Tiger - PST

        I have loved this card since I picked up a playset at YCS Kansas City.  A light level 3 Beast that searches another copy of itself (+1 anyone?), provides fodder for Chaos Monsters, gets bigger when you have another copy on the field, AND is perfect for XYZ summoning Rank 3 monsters.
This is perfect floater monster for Chaos Decks in that it thins the deck and puts a body on the field to either absorb damage or pressure the opponent to answer it before it becomes two 2000 attack monsters on the following turn.
The card was under the radar for sometime after the release of Photon Shockwave because Reborn Tengu was rampant and 1700 > 1200 every time. But now it seems that Tengu is not seeing as much play and this card can shine a bit.  It’s biggest threat now is Thunder King Rai-oh.
Thunder King Rai-oh summoned first turn by your opponent while you are running Photon Saber Tiger can almost insta lose you that game.  Everytime, I had a semi-decent hand while going second of PST, Pot of Duality, Solemn Warning and 3 other random cards, it never failed that my opponent would summon T King and set 2 backrow cards.  Even if I had the Spell and Trap removal, I never had the immediate monster removal and so the PST sat dead in my hand.  This lead me to drop Tiger from Chaos deck altogether.
Recently, I have returned to running Tiger again because I realized that I should be running Smashing Ground to clear Thunder Kings and annoying Spirit Reapers.  I also realized that not running a superb +1 engine that does all of the things from the 1st paragraph in this blog JUST because my opponent might have Thunder King is just like saying you should not run Solemn Warning or any other non chainable trap because Mystical Space Typhoon is at 3.
My only problem now is to find room for a set of PST and 2 Effect Veiler because of the upcoming Wind Up and Inzector decks.  It may boil down to whether I side the Effect Veilers and auto lose to 2 of the most Hyped archetypes since Dragunities or bump my monster count up to squeeze the Effect Veilers in the main and sacrifice protection so that I auto lose to other decks.

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  1. Your Photon Chaos deck has inspired me to build a version of the deck. I like using Snowmaneater's, not only because they can be a +1 against Rai-oh and acts like a wall, but it's level 3, perfect for the deck.


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