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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Under Rated Tech Cards!

With Rabbit.dek taking the throne from Plants, there has to be some adjustments made to the maindeck.  I've been toying around with a few cards since selling my Tour Guides and now I think that I may have hit the jackpot.
The first card is

There are some obvious pros and cons with this card:
Pros -

  • Perfect 1st turn set.  1900 def means that it can hold up against Sabersaurus and Thunder King Rai-Oh.
  • Level 3.  In the TCG, Rank 3s are the best XYZs so combining this with a Tour Guide, Spirit Reaper, or even better, Mind Controlling an opponents Sangan is incredible.
  • Spirit Reaper is seeing rise in play and this thing literally "Eats" him up.  It quite simply is a great one for one removal card and can sometimes give you the plus one.
As amazing as it is there are some Cons -

  • Way too slow!  Having to set a monster the turn after you Maxx C your opponents Venus or Tour Guide play is unacceptable!  You have basically prolonged the inevitable and they will just go off on the following turn.  So be aware of this problem.
  • 0 atk points!  When you need to go on the offensive, this is NOT your go to card.  With cards like Zenmaines and Judgment Dragon in existence, there is no reason I can think of why this card could not have had at least 100 atk points...I'm just saying.
  • WRONG ATTRIBUTE!  Yes, I'm biased because I'm a Chaos Player, Light and Dark monsters are very important to me.  When this goes to the Grave with your Spirit Reaper and Zenmaines...All you can do is Cry when you top deck BLS or Sorc.  Sad Panda mode activate.
The next card is a card that I collect.  I have loved this card ever since I bought my first one back in 2004.  The artwork is sick and leather pants on chicks is HOT!  You already what card I'm talking about:

Pros -

  • Poof be gone!  Her effect activates AFTER damage calculation meaning you can attack facedown Dandylions, Sangans, Goblin Zombies, etc and decide after they flip if you wanna invite them to the Different Dimension.  She roflstomps Zenmaines and clears Gachi Gachi with ease.
  • Leviair Abuse.  With protection you can loop her with Leviair twice and control the game turning 1 DDWL into 3.
  • 1500 atk / Warrior.  Tutorable!  Sangan and Reinforment of the Army love this card.
  • Light Attribute.  I have had this card Solemned, Warning'd, Mirror Forced, and Torrentialed on several occasions.  When that happens, I have instant fuel for my Chaos Monsters.  Don't forget, Honest likes this card as well!
Cons -

  • Poof be gone! DDWL is an untrustworthy BITCH!  Your opponent can simply summon Tour Guide -> Make Leviair and use her against you...Messed up right?
  • 1500 atk...  Bottomless Traphole, DDV, and Tengu all laugh uncontrollably at her.  At the time she was printed, her stats and effect were insane, now the Stats are just meh but the effect is still pretty good.
  • Light Attribute.  Don't count this card as one of your Lights when constructing a Chaos deck as 9/10 times she will be banished by her own effect.  Basically, making space for her can pose a problem in already cramped decks.
Well everyone, I hoped you liked my breakdown of some of my favorite tech cards right now.  If you like this article be sure to comment below and share it with others.  Also, be sure to like this article and I'll do some similar breakdowns of cards.


  1. its so true... but that reminds me about legendary jujitsu master... could be also really helpful... against glads its pretty awsome

  2. How do you feel about ryko?

  3. the milling part became really mediocre since avarice went to 1, otherwise ryko would be still one of the top set monsters


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