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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Problems with Playtesting on DN!

Dueling Network is an amazing resource for toying around with new ideas with deck.  Without paying a dime or traveling to the nearest card shop, you can play Yugioh using cards you might not otherwise have access to or may not care to find.  That said
nothing beats the IRL playtesting.

I've run into serious problems trying to finalize my Kuriboh Kontrol deck while playtesting on Dueling Network.  In 10 matches, 9 of my opponents opened Trap Dustshoot AND Thunder King Rai-oh AFTER winning Rock-Paper-Scissors.  The amount of random decks that I am facing also makes it harder to gauge what problems I'm having in my deck.  Think about it, do I really need to adjust my deck to counter The Sacred XYZ monsters?  Will I really face decks running double mind crush in the main deck, while at the same time not running any Dark World monsters?  Testing this deck to be able to display the final product for YouTube is going to be very tough.  If anyone reading this is proficient with any of the established Tier decks, feel free to add me as a friend on DN: DUBKDADONE, and playtest with me to allow me to finish my card selections for the Kuriboh deck.  Thanks!


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