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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Competing with the Meta

Like many who try to play this game competitively, I am struggling to find a deck that both agrees with my playstyle and is fast enough to keep up with everythingthatrunstourguide.dek! Don't get me wrong.  I gladly welcome the challenge.  There are plethora of ideas out there and I am just going to have to narrow down which ones are actually viable.
  I could always build TG Plants if I wanted to, but I'm a firm believer in, "If you are going to run an established deck, then run the BEST version of it, or don't run it at all!"  The beauty of the TG engine, however is that it can be splashed into a lot of decks.  TG Striker and Warwolf make for a powerful search and synchro engine. I admit that the XYZ options are a turn or two slower than Tour Guide, but with the right mix of cards, I think I can create a fast and fun deck capable of competing with any deck out there.
  I think everyone knows my loathing for the "Set 5, Go!" style of gameplay, so building TG Stun is OUT OF THE QUESTION!  I also think that many people know my absolute love of Chaos decks.  I've mentioned in previous posts about how good Inherent special summons are in relation to Maxx "C".  Dropping a Dark Armed and Soldier on your opponent out of the blue is AMAZING, especially when they are holding a "C". With this in mind, I feel basing a deck off of YCS KC champ, Courtney Waller, winning deck is a good place to start.  I am not completely sold on many of his card choices, but I will say that they worked for him, and that is all that matters.  I will be taking my builds in a slightly different direction.
  To start, I need to consider obvious and not so obvious inclusions.

  • Thunder King Rai-oh - This guy is almost a staple.  With Pot of Duality reprinted, Tour Guide into Zenmaines/random Rank 3, having the Light attribute, and various searching effects I don't think many decks can compete without this guy.  I will run 2 more than likely.
  • Maxx "C" - I feel that this card is another auto include.  Shutting down your opponents HUGE plays is so crucial right now.  Not many opponents will mass special summon, knowing that will draw a heap of cards.  2 or 3 will have to be run.
  • TG Engine -Striker and Warwolf are an amazing set of cards.  Being able to special summon them together and make Wonder Magician to set up other plays has many bonuses. 
  • Dimensional Alchemist - Courtney Waller used this guy to abuse and reuse his boss monsters.  The variable attack meant that in a pinch he could run over the opponents last Tengu or hit for nearly a 1/4 of their life points on a clear field.  It combos so good with Allure of Darkness and fulfilling the summoning conditions of Sorcerer and BLS. To get the maximum use of him, I will have to run 3!
  • Dark Armed Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning - BOSS MONSTERS WIN GAMES!  Nuff said!  Playtesting will determine how many Sorcerers I'll end up running, but DAD and BLS are a must!
  • Gravekeeper's engine - 3 Spy and Descendant provide for quick field presence, synchro/XYZ options, and spot removal through Descendants effect.  Will have to test it to see if it is too slow or not.
  • Photon Sabre Tiger - I really love this card.  The only problem with it is that it requires lots of one for one removal to use it effectively.  Every spot I use for a Smashing Ground or Dimensional Prison, is one less spot I have available to support my Boss Monsters.  Testing will have to be done!
  • Spirit Reaper - I don't know why they put this guy back to 3.  If you don't have Tour Guides, I suggest you run a pair of these.  If the Reaper survives a turn, you can XYZ summon with another level 3, and while that may be slow compared to Tour Guide, it is a valid option.  I won't even mention how good hand control and stalling with multiples are...
  • Card Trooper - If I'm going to run DAD, Sorc, x ??, and BLS, I'm going to have to find ways to make them Live instantly.  The down side is that he can mill off all of my good cards, but the upside is that he can bump heads with opposing Thunder Kings and Steelswarm Roaches and net you a draw in return. Lots of testing with this card will need to be done to find the right amount, 0 - 2?
  The rest of the deck will of course include staples like Sangan, Dark Hole, etc. Starting with a loose framework is how I create all of my decks.  Comment down below if you are interested in seeing a series of videos on the progression of my Chaos Deck or "Hammer and Nail version 3!"


  1. I think a set of progressions would be fantastic!

  2. i would love to see a progression video, i would love to see d boyz in a deck as i love the cards artwork, would love if you do it also can i suggest a photon lead or 2, with thunder king, photon sabre tigre and even effect veilers as lights, it can be an easy 2k damage each, xyz or even synchro depending what the situation calls for.

  3. YES! Would def love to see a progression on videos about his deck!

  4. Str8 Classsickz post:
    Hey DubK I am also i fan of chaos decks. I intend to compete at laffayette regionals with a chaos build. However, I intend to use a fairy engine. idk if you thought of using 2 earth along with 2 venus and of course the 3 shine balls and a hyperion, but ive been testing it and it hasnt let me down yet. I understand zenmaines > Triple OG but having a 2000 beater along with triple OG still isnt a bad play. If you can combine the shineball spam with a well timed creature swap or an e-con you can do some pretty good life point damage plus econ and creature swap wont trigger a starlight road or another trap card such as warning or torrential. Also, if you manage to keep your earth on the field you can go for the instant trish or you can go into an armory arm on your venus or you can go into 2x Triple OG. I know all of these plays a situational depending on your opponents response to your plays but they are still plays the deck and fulfill.Another reason why i chose fairies is because once your exceeds are in the grave almost are your lights are sent to the graveyard so your hyperion has food to nom nom nom on, and drawing into a dark monster once you relieve your deck of an earth, a venus, and 3 shineballs, should not be difficult. Plus hyperion can take place of DAD because its easier to summon
    Just a thought of Chaos type deck...
    Str8 Classsickz exclusive


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