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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dueling Network - DUBKDADONE

It has become necessary to repeat myself over and over again because so many people either do not or will not listen to the words in my videos.  If I am on Dueling Network, more than likely I am in the middle of a Duel.  If you would like to play me, then feel free to find my username, "DUBKDADONE," in the "Profile Viewer". Next add me as a friend.  Finally click, "Watch Duel" and the system will take you to my game in progress and you are free to request a game in the Watcher's Chat.
Speaking of the watcher's chat, that shit cray!  I have never seen so many random, disparate topics in one place in my life.  People talking about Lindsay Lohan to Yata Locks all the while making random commentary on the Duel in progress.  One of these nights, I am going to have to screen capture a duel on DN while the Watcher's Chat is filled with 40-50+ people so that everyone can see the craziness going on there.
Recently, I have been made aware that there are some Dueling Network superstars.  I have heard names like Squiddy, UKYusei, and YourYugiohChannel getting large followings.  I'm not entirely certain of the reason for their large following, but if people are watching then it must at the very least be entertaining.  Some days ago, I played xxProwinstonxx and we had around 23 watchers and he ended up recording one of the duels and putting it up on his channel.  I hope to get more duels in vs he and other Yugitubers/High profile players so that you all can see how I fare against them.

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  1. Squiddy is just one of the biggest trolls there is in dueling and he is a pretty good duelist.


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