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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Humbling Experience #3

I wanna begin  by apologizing for wasting everyone's time with my Road to YCS KC series.  Going in to the event, I felt more confident than I ever have in my ability to play a children's card game.  Part of winning is having the winning attitude.  And I had a LOT OF IT!
What I did not take into account is the desire of other competitors also having a winning attitude and just simply outplaying me.  My loses in the event were to Robert Carafortes, Robert Boyaijin, and another gentleman who ran Twilight featuring the Dark Lords.  Overall, I went 3 - 3 drop.  After my third loss, I could have continued on and still potentially made day 2, but I was just disgusted in myself.  Walking around the event, meeting people who were subscribed to me, I realized what my problem was.  I stopped being me.  It really sucks too.  I was running Tengu and Tour Guide in plants before they topped any event and before people realized how OP TGU was.  You see, I forgot that very thing that I preach every so often and that is that a deck that is well played will have numerous counter strategies in addition to players who are pratically Yugioh Savants.  The most rewarding showing I've ever had at events have been because I used an original strategy that I had tested vs the leading meta decks and then refined them to the point of perfection, much like Courtney Waller did at YCS KC.
  Therein lies another epiphany.  90% of my subscribers are subbed because of my willingness to post Crazy Deck ideas that are actually consistent.  I again, apologize, for straying away from my roots and will work my ass off to post up effective and creative decks that can stand up to the meta. I discovered that a majority of people do not care about my opinions on the game or my opinions on players.  What got me to my 10,000 subscriber mark was posting weird and wacky decks every week and them playing them on camera vs a meta deck, so be looking forward to that again.
 I had spoiled myself with my ability to acquire anything I wanted for my decks and it killed my creativity.  It was so easy to just cut and paste from other established builds and then throw in 2 - 4 tech cards and be satisfied. No longer!  Stick with me everyone.  I have found my way.


  1. c'mon man... we all have our bad times... it just happens that it was ur turn, of course i miss those deck that were just fun and fucked up the meta... keep going!!!

    lets duel!!!
    get your game on!!!
    lets rev it up!!!
    i feel the flow!!! (or whatever)

  2. Don't worry about the loss too much. There is still no other player i would rather listen to talk about this game. Don't stray away from giving your opinions on the game. With your ability to make creative decks comes an insight into creative ways to use cards. Perhaps you could make a video about underrated cards? I would be quite interested in that.

  3. Watching your vids are fun dubk,real talk
    Keep postin vids and dont slack!! (:

  4. The Road to YCS series wasn't a waste of time, to me and I would say to a lot of other YGO players out there helped us become better, what you did was give us pointers and such to prepare for an event, and hey don't feel too down about this YCS, there is always next time, but in the mean time, lets look at the positives, keep on doing what you do DubK

  5. This is more interesting than anything else, Billy.

    A real person loses. A real person has to go through many, many defeats until they get to the achievement they strive for, and that's the reality for most yugioh players.

    Keep going dubkdad, eventually you'll get your top and will be able to look back on these experiences like a culmination of all your talents coming together.

  6. I have had a similar appiffany. I remembered i liked this game for the silly decks, and I'm going to get back to that. Two words: Hero Kid =]

  7. So does this mean the Earth and Wind Decks are coming up soon? :D

  8. About time you realized we don't give a damn about your opinions, lmao.


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