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Monday, October 17, 2011

Derp Wins Games!

I will try to explain the phenomenon that is "Victory Without Running X Card." I am talking about the people who claim that certain cards are not required to run certain decks effectively. Starting with Gladiator Beasts, Prisma vs Prismaless. If you found great success with your GB deck that didnt run Prisma back in the day, can you honestly say that it was BECAUSE you did not run Prisma?

I would wager that the reason you were successful was because you were able to perform the Herp Derp plays that are so common of GB deck.  Attack, tag, do stuff, rinse repeat.

The same is true with Tour Guide from the Underworld in many of the current meta decks...specifically Agents and Dark World.

You see, many decks just flat out win because they are able to do WHAT THEY DO.  With Agents, you drop Hyperion, blow up some shit, then drop Kristya.  Your opponent is unable to clear Kristya, GG.  That is the derpness of Agents.  There are so few outs to Kristya in the main deck of most decks that she alone can win the game.  The same is true with Dark World.  Having Grapha in grave with a normal summonable Dark World monster means that you can beatdown with Grapha every turn.  Everyone knows that it is very difficult to deal with 2700-3000atk beater EVERY TURN.  Eventually you are going to run out of resources and answers to deal with it.  Re-read both scenarios.  Notice how both did not involve Tour Guide?  Now imagine if Tour Guide is thrown into the mix.

Agents:  You essentially increase your chances of seeing Earth, Herald of Orange, Honest, or even Effect Veiler.  With 2 Cards in hand (Hyperion and Tour Guide) and 2 Cards in grave (Venus and a Earth) you can put massive damage on board:  SS Hyperion -> banish Venus -> banish Earthl; blow up random card on opponents field -> TGU gets 2nd TGU -> Leviair gets Venus:  2700 + 1800 + 1600 = 6100.  With minimal resources you have punished an opponent for having to play Solemn Warning on your Venus after you tried to activate its effect.

Dark World:  You are going first, which opening hand would you rather have:
Grapha, Gates, Snow, Mind Crush, Beiige, Broww
Grapha, Gates, Snow, Mind Crush, Tour Guide, Broww.

In the first hand, Gates is completely dead.  TGU allows you to use your Gates on the 1st turn.  It's as simple as:  TGU -> Broww -> Leviathan -> Detach Broww to boost Leviathan.  Now there is a Fiend in the Grave and you are free to play Gates.  Sure you could have opened with Dragged Down or Dealings.  But what if it is the mirror match?  And let's say that it was not the mirror match.  The hand that includes TGU in addition to Dragged Down and Dealings is STILL THE SUPERIOR HAND!

Let me know what you think.


  1. Brilliant... YOU, my friend, understand the game.

  2. I've been watching your videos for a long time, and just now discovered your blog, which reiterates the opinions you present in your videos. I've always seen your vids and thought, "yeah, that's true..but kinda obvious."

    But lately, I've realized from the comments of your videos why you do say the things you do. The majority of players seem to disagree with you, and never on the basis of reason, but on the basis of their emotions (like TGU sucks b/c I can't afford it/I lose to it).

    So I guess there is a need in the YGO world for a dubkdad.

  3. SO right! tour guide is not necessary for every deck, but it makes most decks more versatile because it is a versatile card. For example, with just TGU you can: make leviair and bring back 1 of your banished cards, make a 2500 beatstick, bring out a floater that gets any 1500 or less in your deck, or force out a warning or veiler to make the rest of your plays safely.... And then there's the obvious fact that you can banish it for bls and its an innate plus one just by summoning it... I mean, even if we didnt have xyz it would still see niche play in many decks. The fact that you can do something with a card in almost any situation is what makes it truly incredible, and TGU is definitely that good of a card.


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