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Friday, October 14, 2011

New Era of Fun Decks!

I have decided to retire my Yusei Fudo deck series and now I have begun to undertake building a Yuma Whateverthafuckhislastnameis deck.  The main purpose as always is to use a few of his signature cards and create a deck that spam XYZs consistently.  I haven't exactly figured out which monsters I'm going to use because a lot of them suck.  But I'm looking at a few possibilities:

Its kind of cool in that I can tutor for it with Reinforcement of the Army.  But it is inferior in many aspects to summoner monk.  In my intial builds I however found that there are never times that I wanna ditch a spell for Monk's effect.  I looked over many of the cards from the structure deck and they are definitely cool, but they don't produce any advantage.  They indeed facilitate XYZ summons but they just don't have much competitive value.  If you have any ideas on how I should proceed, feel free to comment below with any card ideas I could consider when constructing my deck so I can do my KATTOBINGU!


  1. Maybe consider a card called (spell) Level Tuning which allows you reduce the level of all monsters you control by 1. Allows for multiple shenanigans either for synchros or XYZ's. Another card to consider is (trap, continuous) Miniaturize, reduce selected monster (on the field, yay!) atk by 1000(has to have 1000 orginal atk or more) and level by 1.

  2. ss cyber dragon, summon goblinbdergh, ss summoner monk, ss gagaga magician, get a lvl 4 and lvl 5 xyz

  3. kagetokage and tengu?


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