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Monday, October 31, 2011

Road to YCS KC : What do you think thus far?

Hey guys.  I'm interested to find out what you all think about my YouTube series so far.  As I've said in the videos, I'm trying to chronicle my preparations for the event via VLog.  In doing so, I hope to capture the imagination and the support of my subscribers so that as well provide a way to constantly push myself to strive for the top spot.
  There are definitely some long days ahead for me.  The Pre-release for Photon Shockwave is this weekend and once again it is going to be Mission Impossible to pick up those highly sought after cards before their Market Value is truly known.  Yes people, pick up your Solemnasaur, Wrathasaur, Rescue Rabbit, Zenmaines, ETC EARLY so that you are not one of those people who bitch and moan when the price is $6324576325 for a playset like everyone did with Pot of Duality and Tour Guide from the Underworld.
  When I sit down to do these videos, I try to make sure my mind is clear and just speak from the top of head.  I am more or less brainstorming on camera.  This is pretty much what our team does when we are preparing for an event.  Brainstorming and bouncing ideas back and forth can really helpful because you get a lot of ideas at once and can quickly sift through them at the same time without wasting a bunch of time.  As the viewer, I truly encourage you to participate in this process and sort of become "Associate Members" of Team DKF!!!


  1. I like the series. Want to see more to improve myself when I go to an event someday. What can be done to prepare oneself to enter the tournament with a winning attitude? Entering the tournament with a burning desire to win. Can you talk a little about that? And I was curious what would you like to see get unbanned and what would you like to see get banned?

  2. It is fun to watch and really has me excited to see the progression of your deck and the results of YCS KC. I think you have come up with a brilliant way to get some of your subscribers invested in the final product. Can't wait for the rest, and best of luck!


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