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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Regional Report 10/08/2011 - Lenexa, Kansas

It was decided that I would drive to this event since I had the most roomy vehicle. It was cool except that I had to work all day Friday. No matter I'm a BOSS and BOSSES don't fucking need sleep! So Friday night Team DKF!!! gather at aznpersuasion2008's house around 9pm. We get our deck registration forms printed out, binders organized, builk foils bundled up to sell to vendors, decks re-sleeved, and make a playlist for the trip (Isely Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Gap Band, Ice T, other old school shit because I'm old too.) Then we were all settled in for power naps around midnight, azn's phone starts blowing up and everyone from our town who is going to the Regional starts calling to see if they can meet up at his house. He says yes and suddenly we're overcome by eager beavers and my calm is ruined.

Fast Forward to 4am

4:19 am - We load up the car, get fuel (and coffee for me - Black, No cream or sugar)

4:33 am - I get on the Turnpike (I-35) and head to KC

5:00 am - Everyone falls asleep on me so I crank up my music and blast them with Classic R&B and Old School Hip Hop

6:00 am - 75 MPH new speed limit on the Turnpike fucking A-MAY-ZIING!

7:15 am - Arrive at "our" McDonalds in Lenexa near the venue and quickly shoo away fanboys who are sitting at our favorite table.

8:00 am - Mickey D's is crowded now and there are fucking fanboys everywhere. We get our first taste of the randomness that will be the Regionals and I begin to seriously rethink my side deck.

8:50 am - Teammates are finished raping kids for cards, I'm finished getting broke't trades, and we head on over to the venue.

9:30 am - I SINCERELY DECIDED IT IS TIME TO SWITCH UP MY SIDEBOARD...we are in the backyard of Paul "Empty Jar" Cooper after all. There is Chain Burn, Empty Jar, Stall Burn, Exodia, and other Un Fun strategies played by players of very respectable skill.

10:00 am - 188 Corn chip and ass smelling, fat greasy socially awkward looking, fashion deprived yugioh players sat down for the players meeting and the start of Round 1.

Dubkdad1's Match Report:
Round 1 vs J. Lemmon (Warrior Beatdown?!?)
I win the die roll. GAME 1 Summon Tengu and pass. He draws to 6, sets one monster and FUCKING SETS 5 S/T.... I'm like dear God no, not this shit so early in the event! On my turn I draw, I set all of my S/T, set sangan and poke with Tengu...it was that 1900 def shit from the Dawn of XYZ starter deck...I'm like da Fuck is dis shit? Next turn he sets another monster. I draw Debris Dragon and attack his new face down with Tengu...Warrior Lady of the Fucking Wasteland. He goes gets some other card that I have to read 30 times. I get fed up with the BS, so I blind MST his card nearest the deck and it was XYZ Veil...FUCK YES! I flip Sangan, summon Debris Dragon and BRD all his shitty cards and my Warning, Book of Moon, Enemy Controller, and Call of the Haunted and search Tour Guide. He Tops A. Forces, activates it and passes..................

I win a few turns later. GAME 2 He believes that BRD should be banned and calmly explains why. I'm like yeah, card is just unfair and liek there is no way to prevent yourself from being hurt by it...He sets 4 backrow and pass. I summon Lonefire, get Dandy and poke for minion damage. He summons Maurading Captain and then drops another starter deck card and XYZ for Leviathan (I remember thinking that if he drops DDWL I am so gonna ROFL). Pounds my Dandy and I get tokens. I top deck Reborn. Summon Tengu, Reborn Lonefire...shenanigans ensued.

Record 1 - 0

Round 2 vs Richard Simpson (Monarchs)

I win the dice roll. GAME 1 Tour Guide -> Sangan set Econ pass. He T-Sets. I draw MST play in on his Trap Stun??? and I reel back and say X Sabers? He smiles...I attack the set "Emmersblade" and it turns out to be Mother Grizzly. I pass turn very confused. His turn. Summons swap frog sends Treeborn turns Grizzly to attack and I econ away my Sangan for Effect Veiler taking his Grizzly. He bounces Swap and I return Grizzly for my turn. I draw 1 for 1 and pass. He summons swap dumps another Frog, swings with it into my def pos TGU and pokes for 1400. I draw Dandylion and pass. He summons swap again sending 3rd treeborn and I'm like ok it's time to get aggressive. I finally draw and summon Tengu and Play One for One shenanigans ensue...GG. I side out my MSTs, Judgment for 2nd BTH, Mind Crush, and Kycoo! GAME 2 He passes with no field. I summon Tengu and Pass...I still don't know what he runs. He summons Grizzly, rams gets swap dumps Frog, bounces sets 1 (I read Trap Stun) and passes. I summon TGU into TGU (not wanting to get Caius'd cuz I have no Veiler yet) attack with TGU into Fader and I pass. He trap stuns gets back frog and Raizas my Tengu swings over my TGU and passes. The game gets really drawn out from Monarch exchanges but I finally manage to drop Gorz and He can't recover when I Veiler his Caius.

Record 2 - 0

Round 3 vs Alex Ives (TG Agents)

All day I've been winning the die roll because I insist on lowest roll wins the roll and everyone agrees to it...I roll 1 like a champion for some reason. GAME 1 I have an idea about what he is running because I saw Ancient Sacred Wyvern and Gachi Gachi when he was pulling out his stuff from his deck box. So I decide to set up early and make it quick. I open Tengu, One for One, BLS, Duality, Heavy, Pot of Avarice. I Duality into Dandy, Sangan, and Duality...Dandylion LIKE A BOSS. He doesn't even put up a fight. GAME 2 I pro him up by letting him Summon Venus into my TKR and compulsory evacuation device, pay for the 1st Ball then when he pays for the 2nd Ball I Maxx C and he's like FUCK! Because at this point, you almost have to Gachi Gachi or risk letting everything get run over by TKR. He makes GGG, I draw another card (BLS - with TGU in grave). When he attacks I CED the GGG and he is like WOW and is forced to drop Honest (Must Be Nice). Next Turn I top another TGU. Summon BLS (banish TKR/TGU), Summon TGU -> Leviair -> TKR GG.

Record 3 - 0

Round 4 vs Adam (Machina Gadgets)

I lose the die roll. GAME 1 He opens silly with Gadget and backrows for days. I grind out the win by picking off the backrows by summoning shit he is forced to Warning like TKR and TGU, while just setting my Tengus. Finally, I OTK with BLS by summoning Dandylion, milling Spore for Bulb (LOL), making Armory Arm and then making Orient (the only time I used it all day...and there was no synchro to hit with his effect). GAME 2 I see no side boarded Cydras or smashings. Limiter shenanigans with Green Gadget, Gearframe, and Fortress seal the game. GAME 3 Sangan and Tengu get quick hits early on. I still see no sided cards but I drew a clutch Bottomless when he summoned Gearframe. I had Dark Hole and 2 other backrow with Sangan and Tengu on the field to his 2 card hand and I knew that one card was Fortress. Sure enough he summoned it but didn't attack. I Dark Hole on my Turn. Got TGU -> Leviair -> Gearframe. Tengu, Leviair, and Gearframe push for exact game.

Record 4 - 0

Round 5 vs Phu Bui (TGU Agents)

I lose the die roll again... GAME 1 He sets one and passes. I summon TGU and he sits up and starts shuffling his hand really fast. I say to him, "Don't tell me, you are playing Agents? Are you gonna be this easy to read the whole match?" He was... GAME 2 He brings da thunda with Hyperion and BLS and OTKs me. GAME 3 Tengu Pokes for early damage. He manages to drop Hyperion on me, nukes my MF and runs over Tengu. I draw Lonefire. Lonefire -> Spore -> E Con take Hyperion -> banish Lonefire for Spore synch with Tengu for Red Dragon Archfiend (cuz I don't like Gachi Gachi) -> Get last Tengu and swing for exact game.

Record 5 - 0
Round 6 vs Jesse (Fucking Chain Faggot Ass Deck Burn Bullshit)

I lose the die roll. GAME 1 He dualities into Reckless Greed, Ojama Trio, and Lava Golem. Takes the Ojama Trio and sets 5. I'm like OK, this isn't gonna be fun. I summon TGU and he chains off everything leaving me at 4600 while drawing cards off of Accumulated... I pass, he dualities into another just desserts and I scoop. GAME 2 Decree and MST are bitches and didn't want to come to my aid. I lose in 2 turns.

Record 5 - 1

Round 7 vs Dustin (Beastdown Drain)

I lose the die roll. GAME 1 He sets one and passes. I summon TGU -> Sangan. Poke with TGU and he Mirror Forces me and he is acting all non chalant about it. I set two. He double spaces, summons Pitch Black Warwolf and I immediately ask him if he is playing Beastdown with Horn and Drains. He ignores me. He sets 2 and I look him in the eye and say to him, "That one is warning and the other is Horn". I space the card I said was Warning and it was and then said, "that card is Horn...I think I'll have to scoop after this play." I summon TKR and he flips horn when I attack. As we're side decking he loosens up and realizes that I'm not a scrub and is not being so shitty to me anymore. GAME 2 I open with 6 cards that I sided in and win with ease after the judge confirms that JuJu Man is a boss under skill drain. GAME 3 Is long and drawn out. I play flawlessly until the end when I second guess myself and set JuJu Man instead of attacking with it when I have book of moon in hand to his empty field. I was only at 2800 Life and I didn't want him to drop another Barbaros on me FTW so I set it. He plays MST on my Book, Cross Out on my JuJu Man, and summons King Tiger and I can't recover. GGs dude, where ever you are!

Record 5 - 2

So now I'm on tilt cuz I know that I can't top. I sell my bulk shit to the store for massive amounts of money, and get Rares and commons of everything (DT E Cons, rare Veilers, common TKing, etc) for the deck I'm using at the Event and get ready for the last round.

Round 8 vs Alex L (TGU Agents)

I win the die roll. We both know that if we lose we do not get our invite as it is only top 24 who gets it. We also both know that it sucks that we both lost to Chain Burn. GAME 1 Pro Dustshoot when he Dualities into space and then plays it on my Dustshoot. I send back his Effect Veiler, leaving him with Gorz, Hyperion, and Solemn Judgment, and ??? He sets SJ and passes. I set Sangan and Pass. He summons Venus and when he pays 500, I Warning, he Solemns. He pays another 500 and I Maxx C drawing one for one. He stops without making GGG and hits my Sangan netting me Dandylion. I draw Dark Hole and blast his Venus and 2 balls clearing the way for my win when he drops Hyperion. I summon TGU - TGU and pass without attacking into Gorz. He drops Hyperion and runs over my TGU and nukes the other one that I can't synchro with. I draw Econ and decide to go for it. I summon Dandylion -> One for One ditch TKR for Spore. Make Armory Arm -> equip to Hyperion. He asks if I'm gonna ram something into it and I say no. Enemy Controller -> tribute token, take Hyperion -> Poke for 3700 when he was 3250.

Record 6 - 2 19th place, Invite for Nats 2012. Yay me...
After the event I'm super tired and I round up everyone for the shitty drive home. Top 8 consisted of Ryan Newburn and 7 other ppl with 3 TGU Plants, 2 TGU Agents, GKs, TGs, Beastdown Drain being in the top 8.


-Quick Trip Vienna Roast Coffee with no Cream or Sugar

-Kansas new speed limit on the highway, 75mph

-Team DKF!!! for destroying everyone in trades and selling bulk foils.

-Fan Boys who gave me broke trades

-Helping several fan boys fix their decks between rounds who weren't in the event

- Red Dragon Archfiend for fucking up Gachi Gachi Gentetsus all day

-Everyone falling asleep on me on the drive there and back

-Kansas has no Landscape....

-Fan boys who wanted to duel me on camera between rounds

-Helping several fan boys fix their decks after the event after I told them that I'm just trying to relax.

TGU Plants

19 mons

1 BLS - EotB

1 Griz, the Emissary of Winning

3 Tengu


1 Sangan

1 Lonefire

1 Debris Dragon

1 Dandy

1 Spore


1 Maxx "C"


2 Effect Veiler

13 Spells

2 Duality

2 Enemy Controller


1 Heavy

1 Avarice

1 Dark Hole

1 Reborn tha Monsta

1 One for One

1 Foolish Burial

1 Mind Control

1 Book of Moon

9 Traps

2 Solemn Warning

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Mirror Force

1 Trap Dustshoot

1 Torrential Tribute


1 Trish

1 Scrap




1 Ancient Fairy

1 Orient Dragon

1 Brio

1 Catastor


1 Armory Arm

1 Formula

1 Leviair

1 Leviathan

1 Utopia


2 CyDra

1 Kycoo

1 DD Crow

1 Breaker

1 JuJu Man


1 Compulsory Evac Device

1 Mind Crush

2 Decree


2 Smashing Ground
Everyone said I should have played Decisive Armor over RDA but in 2 weeks of testing I never had the opportunity to make it...the deck doesn't produce 10* very easy. RDA is broke in combination with GGG, Econ/Book. I never used Orient Dragon's effect but I understand how necessary it can be, also milling with Iron Chain backfired on me too many times in test sessions. Leeching the Light is an amazing card if you can pull it off and IF they don't have Gachi Gachi Gentetsu. Mind Crush is just bad if you are in a diverse meta. If you draw it and can use it then great, if you draw it and have no solid read, then it's kinna meh and in my case I almost always wish it were a second Ju Ju Man or Compulsory. Finally, I wish there was solid counter to burn. Losing, in 2 turns while your opponent touches themselves is just enraging.

Thank you for reading the wall o' text.


  1. im confused that i actually read this whole thing and enjoyed it! great roundup at the event dubk, its a shame u lost to the shitty burn haha

  2. and that's why i always side 3 dust tornado just in case

  3. i recommend prime material dragon for burn in tengu tour guide plants the tribute it is easy to get a tribute.

  4. if you have the space, just use Black-Winged Dragon for burn


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