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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Up and Coming Yugi-Tubers!

As of lately, I've been extremely bored out of my mind by the content or lack thereof from many of the "old hands" of Yugi-Tube...  The big names - myself until recently included - seemed to have gotten complacent with their "super star" status and have just not been putting as much effort into their videos as they were in the past when they were hungry.
 A couple of days ago, I decided to venture out and look at my recommendations list that pops up on YouTube and see if I could find some other Yugi-Tubers who possess that same spark and hunger that I once had when it came to providing entertainment and information about Yugioh.  I wasn't exactly looking for subscriber count or view count, I was just looking at topics and the frequency at which they posted content.  I came across so really interesting characters.
 The first character was DaGadgetGuru.  This guy is a trip.  His channel features the usual content that others in our category on YouTube post, but he has a fire in his heart when he talks about Yugioh.  I'm gonna be honest and say that I HATE that he plays Turtle Decks aka Summon/Set Monster then Set 4-5 backrow + Starlight Road.  His redeeming factor is that he ADMITS that the style of play is retarded.  I'm not hating on it because just like in CoD or Halo camping is a LEGITIMATE strategy no matter how hated and annoying and retarded it is.  If it wasn't meant to be that way then there would not be options to facilitate such gameplay...in either game!
 The next guy is Sayris13.  This gentleman earned my subscription for merely being in the same age bracket as me!  However he retained my subscription for posting entertaining and spirited videos that anyone can watch and relate to.  He shares much of his personal life on the channel which is cool and shocking at the same time. And that is just another reason why I am still subscribed to his channel.
 For now, that concludes the people I have been checking out.  If there are channels that you think are worthy of look, list them down below.  I really am addicted to this hobby of mine and I enjoy the opportunity to see someone else's take on the game whenever possible.


  1. you better talk about me, you old bastard...

  2. Have you checked out Lithium2300 on yt yet? He has vids posted from Worlds 2011 and usually posts duels from locals weekly.

  3. This is why I re started my channel- Doing only the best instead of posting shit- If you put in the time to make a good video your followers will know and appreciate it. They will let you know.


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